Everything you need to know about using the Rights and Freedom Index.

“But were afraid to ask!” 

Search, Sort and Filter the data-base

Using the Rights and Freedoms Index: 

Top left: COPY (to clip board), CSV (data table), XLS (spreadsheet), PDF ( data table), Print.

The Sort Header:

  • Grey triangles allow a change of sort direction (top to bottom or reverse).
  • Boxes under the triangles and above the rows allow sort selection by category or criteria.
  • Far Right Column “RnF Alignment” refers to Public Verifiable positions taken in support of our Rights and Freedoms, or not .
  1. Green  – indicates your representative is safeguarding our rights and freedoms.
  2. Yellowindicates your representative is not clear and has work to do.
  3. Red      – indicates the representative has failed to safeguard our rights and freedoms.
  4. Note:    – is there voting inconsistency that shows in the R&F Index % of pass or fail?   Is there consistant principled behaviour?

The performance scorecard system.

Politicians and Candidates in the Political scoreCard (FPP) system are evaluated using three primary data sources:

1:  Joining and pledging to safeguard our rights and freedoms.

2:  Historical voting records.  (Previously held elected positions) and  Current voting records.  (Current elected position)

3:  Publicly stated positions. (Positions taken; social media, emails, news, press releases)


Each item in a data source is weighted according to its impact in protecting and upholding our rights and freedoms, with a focus on commitment, critical legislation and public positions taken. This system aggregates the weighted data to generate a percentage of pass or fail expressed in individual performance report/scorecards and the Rights and Freedom Index.

About Scoring – Detail

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