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British Columbia – Members of the Legislative Assembly

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  1. Green  – indicates your representative is safeguarding our rights and freedoms.
  2. Yellowindicates your representative is not clear and has work to do.
  3. Red      – indicates the representative has failed to safeguard our rights and freedoms.
  4. Note:    – is there voting inconsistency that shows in the R&F Index % of pass or fail?   Is there consistant principled behaviour?

The performance scorecards for politicians and candidates under the Foundational Principles Pledge (FPP) are calculated using four primary data sources: pledging to safeguard our rights and freedoms, historical voting records, current voting records, and publicly stated positions. Each data point is weighted according to its importance in protecting and upholding our rights and freedoms, with a focus on legislation critical to these principles. This system aggregates the weighted data to generate a percentage score that determines whether a politician passes or fails on their individual performance report/scorecard.

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– MLAs   – Municipal   – Regional  – Indigenous   – School Board

Federal MP’s


– MLAs   – Municipal   – Regional  – Indigenous   – School Board




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Northwest Territories


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The Index Report information is for you to inform your community, those trusted with power and those that otherwise would not know.

Fundamental Rights and Freedoms based decision-making is Foundational and non negotiable. 


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