Reporting Political Performance.

How it works..

The Power of Joining the Peoples Pledge.

When you sign the Foundational Principles Peoples Pledge you join the growing number in our Land who want the truth, not just another narrative crafted to appease. You will receive alerts and notifications – access to ScoreCards (performance reports) about your MLA, MP, Councilor and other decision-makers regarding how you are being served, Good and Bad.

What you can do:

  • Our site will provide access to print material for handout and online reports that explain how your Politicians perform the duty expected of them in representing you. The decisions they make and positions they take will be evaluated through the lens of our rights and freedoms.
  • We believe the people of our Land expect our elected politicians to make decisions taking the following into considering, each and every time:
    1. Does it support the inherent sovereign rights and freedoms of the people?
    2. Is it needed?
    3. Is it cost effective?
  • Expect to see Reports on Performance like this:
    1. Green  – indicates your representative is safeguarding our rights and freedoms.
    2. Yellow – indicates your representative is        not clear and has work to do.
    3. Red      – indicates the representative has failed to safeguard our rights and freedoms.

The ScoreCard Report information is for you to inform your community, those trusted with power and those that otherwise would not know. Fundamental Rights and Freedoms based decision-making is Foundational and non negotiable.  

We keep your location and personal data confidential and will ensure that you 

receive the information that you need to make informed decisions.


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