Citizen Portal AI – Canada will be available to all Canadians. 

Citizen Portal AI is a standalone project, an initiative championed by the Pledge but a separate Project.

The long-term strategy is a closed system AI Portal to assist us, as constituents, in creating our own individualized “scorecards” or windows on information (data) regarding activity within 24 hours of it happening. Reporting events that are important to you in your area and in any area of government you want to monitor (federal, provincial, municipal etc.) The idea is to gather critical information quickly and make it available, not to have AI analyze it and tell people what to do with it.


The Pledge will use this data, when vetted, to help inform the scorecard system we are creating but AI will not drive the pledge scorecard system. The potential for abuse and manipulation in the AI world is a huge concern along with the creation of data and information that is AI generated, that is why this must be a closed system.

The goal is to use the power of Closed AI as a tool for good and that is our aim.

Never walk into a voting station uninformed again !!

You can be part of the crowd funded, shared ownership Revolution in Canadian Political transparency and accountability.

This may be for you. 

Complete the form below and let us know if you would like more information as it becomes available.  

Investing (US example): Citizen Portal Start Engine 

Watch: Citizen Portal on the Glen Beck Show. 

Website: Citizen Portal USA

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