Men, Women, Elected Representatives and Political Candidates in Canada.

The Foundational Principles Pledge, funded by its founder and independent of political and activist affiliations, calls on people to demand their representatives protect individual rights and freedoms from coercive policies and legislation at all times.


Protect our Inherent Sovereign Rights and the Truth.

This will change the game:    

You need to know…

Each area pin represents 1 to 10K+ voters. All Canadians joining ensure their area is positioned to take action.

Enough is Enough.

The Voting Power!

 Voters Taking Action !!


In Canada:   27,629,083+

In BC:             3,485,850+

Why a Peoples Political Principles Pledge?

Establishing True Political Accountabilty.

–   We Vote for our Politicians   –    Are they putting Us first? 


The future depends on you!

Don't be a member of the did not vote Party.


must be

Strong and Free.

In this struggle we must unite..
Voting is, not only a right, it is a must.

Get involved.
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