Men, Women, Elected Representatives and Political Candidates in Canada.



Protect our Inherent Sovereign Rights and Freedoms.


Something new is coming:     Citizen Portal AI Canada !    Find out more.

Every pin on the Map represents (1 to 10K+) joined Canadians who will be provided the tools for monitoring and reporting the performance of their elected representatives.

Enough is Enough.

The Voting Power!

 Voters Taking Action !!


In Canada:   27,629,083+

In BC:             3,485,850+

Why a Peoples and Political Principles Pledge?

Establishing True Political Accountabilty.

–   We Vote for our Politicians   –    Are they putting Us first? 


The future depends on you!

Don't be a member of the did not vote Party.


must be

Strong and Free.

In this struggle we must unite..
Voting is, not only a right, it is a must.

Get involved.
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