Men, Women, Elected Representatives and Political Candidates.

 Change the Canadian Political landscape,

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–        Join and get your politicians ScoreCards    –    We must hold ourselves and our politicians accountable.

Protect our Inherent Sovereign Rights and Freedoms,

Something new is coming: 

Citizen Portal AI Canada ! 

Every pin on the Map represents (1 to 10K+) joined Canadians who will be provided the tools for monitoring and reporting the performance of their elected representatives.

Enough is Enough.

The Voting Power!

 Voters Taking Action !!


In Canada:   27,629,083+

In BC:             3,485,850+

Why a Peoples and Political Principles Pledge?

Establishing True Political Accountabilty.

(Your name does not show on the Webpages. Your information is privacy protected.) 

–   We Vote for our Politicians   –    Are they putting Us first? 

Let Our Politicians know what “We“, their employer, expect.

Know Your Politicians Scorecards. Be informed.

The future depends on you!
Never doubt the power of one person to make a difference!
Don't be a member of the did not vote Party.


must be

Strong and Free.

In this struggle we must unite to safeguard our rights and freedoms on every level.
Voting is, not only a right, it is a must
but it's not enough!
Get involved.
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