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            1. How to Improve your Score!      2. Update your Profile?       3. Add your Verifiable Public Statements      4. How you’re scored


Search for and find the Politicians in your area – Did they Pass or Fail? 

Look for Your Elected Politicians and Candidates that 

Value The Pledge”, 

Declaring to safeguarding our Rights and Freedoms. 

 (A GREEN Check MARK means they Joined Us

Question Elected Politicians and Candidates that “Have Not Joined”.

“Where do they stand?”   

Have they safeguarded our Rights and Freedoms? Will they?

(A RED X shows they have NOT Declared )

“Before you vote, make an informed decision.”

The individaul politicians ScoreCard Reports and Index information is for you and your community, those trusted with power and those that otherwise would not know.

Fundamental Rights and Freedoms based decision-making is Foundational and non negotiable. 


We will assist you by providing information to help make critical decisions.

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