You might be wondering about a few things?

  • How can I get my City Council on the Rights and Freedoms Index? 

           Request a Spreadsheet and just fill it in !

  • What can I do to Take Action and get the word out now that I’ve joined the Pledge? 

                 The Next Steps you can take!

  • What’s wrong with BC Provincial Government Bills 31, 36 and 44 violate our Rights and Freedoms?   

                        Why are these BAD Bills?

  • How can I join the Pledge Team?   I would like to help!

                   Join the FPPledge Team  .

  • What is a “Passed” or “Failed” to safeguard our Rights and Freedoms rating mean.     

                          Here’s an example!

  • How does the whole Scorecard thing work? What you need to know? 

                       How Scorecards work.

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