Let's talk about how political decisions pass or fail us and our Rights and freedoms. What makes a passing grade and what causes a fail when it comes to political decision making.

It’s very easy to understand: 

Decisions and positions taken that do not support our rights and freedoms is a Fail. Decisions and Positions taken that Do support the rights and freedoms of the People is a Pass. We will be watching and reporting on how they vote and what they say. Below are a few examples to clarify.

Two MLA’s, John Rustad and Bruce Banman, stand and deliver in the BC Legislature. Setting a strong example of how to honor and stand up for the rights and freedoms of Medical Professionals in BC.

Trudeau called patriotic Canadians a “Fringe Minority”, regrets it. Does he also regret locking the bank accounts of families that needed to feed their children, because they didn’t agree with him? A blatant disregard for Peoples rights.

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