The true guarantor of a free society has always been the people. 

The Foundational Principles Pledge unites Canadians and politicians in a powerful alliance to protect rights, freedoms, and good governance through mutual accountability and unwavering commitment.

Here are both Pledges in one location – together, as it should be.

The Peoples Pledge

I do Hereby Declare:

 I will hold all elected representatives accountable for the decisions they make and expect them to uphold and protect my inherent sovereign rights and freedoms.

 I will lawfully resist, using reasonable and appropriate measures, any failure to protect and maintain my rights and freedoms.

 I will support those who stand with me in safeguarding my inherent sovereign rights and freedoms.

The Politicians Pledge

I do Hereby Declare:

I will stand against any existing or proposed action or law initiated inside or outside Canada that will compromise the inherent sovereign rights and freedoms of Canadians.

I Also Understand:

My taking this pledge encourages Canadians to stand with and behind me as long as I stand and protect the inherent sovereign Rights and Freedoms of the people of Canada.

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