Let’s Communicate more…

… we have Signal, The Website, E-mail and very soon Social Media accounts, Rumble and Youtube Platforms with a Substack in the works.

Join one of our FPP Signal Groups, talk it over, share your thoughts?

Work together;  there’s a National Chat, a Communications Team, Graphic Design Group, Social Media Team, a Government Reporting group and the one that’s waiting for you to create.

Here’s How.

FPP signal groups to join and stay in touch, if you have yet to join please do.

Please email Sarah, she can help:  carah3@protonmail.com 

Coming Soon!


X – Twitter, FaceBook, Rumble, Youtube, SubStack and more to get the Pledge front and center.

Put your message on the FPPledge Chat Page. Let others know how you see it.


Foundational Principles Chat

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